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In a world brimming with complex challenges, artists have often been the catalysts for change, sparking conversations, and driving movements for justice, sustainability, and social progress. Yet, their presence in the halls of power has often been overlooked.

Create2030's Artist Delegations aim to change that narrative and ensure that artists are recognized as essential stakeholders in shaping the policies that influence our world.



Legitimizing the Creative Sector


Create2030's ultimate goal is to legitimize the creative sector as a critical stakeholder in shaping the world's future. By participating in these high-profile events and demanding representation, our Artist Delegation has taken a significant step towards achieving this goal. Our presence has reinforced the idea that artists are not just entertainers or creators of beauty but also warriors for change.


The Why


For too long, creative practitioners - whether they be live performers, filmmakers, visual artists - have not had the opportunity to be meaningfully engaged in the policy amd program space.  With Create2030's Artist Delegations, we seek artist scholarships, mentor artists new to the sustainability movement and advocate for their presence - not just as entertainers - but as critical thinkers and problem solvers with valuable insight to help create solutions to our world's biggest problems.


Get Involved!


As members of the Create2030 community, we invite you to join us in amplifying the voices of artists and promoting their role in global sustainability efforts. Join our artist delegation, invite us to events, share the stories and experiences of our Artist Delegation, engage in conversations about the power of art for change, and support our mission to ensure artists have a seat at the table. We're always down to partner for live performances, creative workshops and partnerships!

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