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We made a new UN song and music video featuring artists from four countries on three different continents - in the midst of a pandemic!

Founder and filmmaker, Lisa Russell was asked by the United Nations to produce creative content for several high-level UN gatherings.  She brought together youth artists Alien Child from Indonesia, Zuhura the African Lioness from Tanzania, Javan the Poet from Kenya and Kaila Mullady, Sean Slaughter and Ramya Ramana from the US. 


Kaila, the two-time World Beatboxing Champion laid down the beat.  We sent that beat to Indonesia where Alien Child added keys and violin and chorus where. Then the poets and rappers - Sean Slaughter, Zuhura the African Lioness, Javan the Poet and Ramya Ramana went to work on writing.   Alien Child did the mixing and mastering.  All the youth artists organized filmming of their sections independently.

The final song was sent to Kenya where Lisa Russell directed and edited their footage along with footage obtained from UNIFEED, UNICEF and stock footage site.  

We produced this music video entirely during COVID-19!

Thanks to UN DESA Programme on Youth who included a sneak peek of our song "Imagine" for the UN International Youth Day's podcast and to the UN Youth Envoy's office for the world premiere of our music video premiere during the high-level UN75 Youth Plenary.

Check out the music video below and download the song on iTunes on September 21, 2020 to support youth artists!

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Curator/Producer:  Lisa Russell | Music Producer:  Alien Child

Beatmaker:  Kalia Mullady

Songwriters/Performers:  Alien Child, Sean Slaughter, Zuhura (The African Lioness), Javan the Poet and Ramya Ramana

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