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We are honored to be collaborating with the World Health Organization on the curation of the #SolidarityShows art initative, highlighting contributions from the creative community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We encourage you to support artists by purchasing or licensing their artwork.  Click on the artwork to learn more about the artist and feel free to join our growing community of creatives.

 "Tomorrow's Faces"

Artist:  Arinitwe Pita, Uganda

Medium:  Visual Art | Painting

120cm x 120 cm | Acrylic on Canvas


Arinitwe Pita (Uganda)
"Tomorrow's Faces"
Sarmad Al-Mousawi (USA)
"The World in the Box"
Christiaan Dierdricks (South Africa)
"St Corona"
Hiroshi Atobe (Japan)
Together with Invisible
Vanessa Corya (USA)
Medium: Photography mixed with Digital, Country: USA
Arnold Birungi (Uganda)
Title: "My Little Sis", Name: Arnold Birungi, Medium: Visual Art/Painting - Acrylic on Canvas Country: Uganda
i030 (Madagascar)
‘Selfie Under the Pandemic’ (Digital art, collage)
Artist - i030, Madagascar
Quote: None"As the number of the covid-19 cases continue to rise, researchers are working feverishly to find the origin of the zoonotic disease. The latest candidate: a little-known scaly animal known as the pangolin."
Gerhard van Vuuren (South Africa)
Title: "Ngikubhekile" (I'm Watching You)", Artist:: Gerhard van Vuuren,
Medium: Country: South Africa,
Cacá Luiz (Brazil)
1. Title: CORAÇÃO MADE IN CHINA (Sculpture)
Artist - Cacá Luiz, Brazil
Quote: " I make hearts that represent situations, feelings, characters, etc. And the whole world today is looking at COVID-19"
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Chand R. C. (Bhutan)
Robin Hiley (United Kingdom)
Emma Lee (Uganda/USA)
Sarmad Al-Mousawi (USA)
Coraggio Collective (Italy)
UN Chamber Music Socity  (United Nations)
Kris Pilcher (USA)
Kris Pilcher (USA)