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We take your message, mission or campaign and help conceptualize a creative element such as a live performance, film screening, event.


We tap into our roster of artists whose work best aligns with your message. Where possible, we align artists who have a personal connection to your issue.


We communicate with artists to relay important information on how to deliver high quality, impactful performances. 


We fully curate the creative element of the performance or event including working with A/V professionals, sound checks, etc.


“As you may have already heard, the poets “Ambush Theatre” performance was a resounding success. So much so, that the Advisory Board strongly advocated that we post it on the ICSS website! Thank you Lisa and well done!"

Dr. Shaun McCarthy, Executive Director ICSS Enterprise on the "Securing Sport 2015" event at the Council on Foreign Relations.


"I want to thank you for all your work with us on the Town Hall event. Both performances were incredible, the steppers a lively and engaging start to the show and Sore's spoken word piece was hugely powerful.”

Sarah Brown, Global Education Advocate and President, TheirWorld on the "Up for School Rally" 2015.

“The powerful performances reminded everyone at the ceremony of the individual narratives, which are the bedrock of the MY World data, and ensured that people and their experiences are at the center of the conversation about development.”

Corinne Woods, Director, UN Millenium Campaign on the “We the Peoples - Celebrating 7 Million Voices” event.


“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your wonderful performance at the United Nations Economic and Social Council 2014 Forum on Youth.”

Martin Sajdik, President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on the ECOSOC 2014 Forum on Youth

"The event was a success, and we greatly appreciate your contribution in helping us present the report by depicting the lives of young migrants through art.”

Nicola Shepherd, UN Focal Point on Youth on the Launch of the 2014 World Youth Report on Youth and Migration.


“The performances of these artists were a wonderful contribution to the side event and brought international politics down to a very personal level. ”

Elise Zerrath, Youth Delegate to Germany, on "Family: It´s your right to choose" side event hosted at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations.

Let us curate your next event!  Contact us for a free consultation.


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